Why aren't people talking about ~~Chicago~~

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1 They are dumb fuck you think big cities spend millions of dollars a day on police because they aren't worried about “crime.” Every major city is fucking choking on police budgets at the expense of every other social program including schools and mental health programs and literally every other thing that would help people as opposed to caging them. Cities have heard about crime lol. You didn't uncover that crime happens in cities you don’t live in on Facebook. Write an email to your mayor to tell them to look into crime I bet they haven't thought of that.

2 Have you ever read your local tabloid or watched your local news? Each shooting is on there every day presented in the most sensational way and the details are 100% taken from the police's word on how things went. Copaganda happens constantly in your city and you've never thought about how biased it is.

3 I know you think you're slick by doing this little trick but anyone who isn't also racist sees right through it and it's embarrassing man. Black people kill black people. White people kill white people. People who live near each other kill each other. Maybe ask “Why do I not live near any black people?”

4 Dedicated activists in every city are working on the problem of violence within their own communities all the time! If you really wanted to look into it there are so many ways for you to do something besides posting a passive aggressive white supremacist take on Facebook. You could very easily get involved. You could spend money at the very very least.

5 THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE: WHEN A BLACK PERSON OR WHOEVER KILLS SOMEONE THE ENTIRE FULL FORCE OF THE STATE SANCTIONED VIOLENCE APPARATUS GOES INTO MOTION TO PUT THEM IN A CAGE FOR THEIR ENTIRE LIVES. When a fucking pig brutalizes someone the details are hidden and the cop keeps his job and they never ever face consequences save for the most horrific newsworthy cases because of qualified immunity.

6 The state murdering people with impunity is worse than interpersonal violence. It just is sorry buddy. These are the people we pay our tax dollars to to “protect our cities” and for them to kill us and specifically kill the already most marginalized among us is a violation akin to a teacher abusing their students but ten times worse because they can also shoot them to death to keep their mouths shut.

7 Wait but another thing is that other states around Illinois have extremely lax gun policies. Do you want to crack down on the ability to purchase guns everywhere? No you don’t stop lying you don’t really care about gun violence.

8 But there was a real bad shooting why isn’t everyone talking about it? Do you know how many shootings there are a year in America? Shootings are weather. Why aren’t people you personally know posting about the amount of rain in a state across the country? Gun violence in America has nothing to do with Chicago or any other city. If you want to stop gun violence do something about it besides posting.

9 Shut the fuck up and suck my dick white supremacist piece of shit.