Simply agitating for a more equitable and less predatory organization of society

Simply agitating for a more equitable and less predatory organization of society
Woman Fair and Turkeys Wild, In this Progressive Age We're Living, A Woman Brings us our Thanksgiving, Granville Smith, Watercolor on Paper, 1894. (photo by: GHI/Universal History Archive via Getty Images)

God that is such a good joke. hello IDIOT

The economy of it. It reminds me of a passage from my forthcoming book of stories that goes like so:

Kids aren’t especially funny although when I was young my sister who is still the baby even though she has children of her own by now that are older than she will ever be in my memory used to tell me she had a joke for me and I’d say ok what is it and she’d say she could only whisper it to me so she’d come in close and look around conspiratorially and say poo poo and I always thought that was a pretty good one.
Then she’d lean back in and say here’s another joke.
Someday decades from now you and I will no longer be especially close although we will still love each other in our own way.
I thought that was a pretty fucked up thing for a seven-year-old to say to a guy.

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Whatever it is that’s swimming down there
Please subscribe if you like what you read here thank you. Indigenous people in Alaska and other northern regions have been hunting whales for thousands of years which sounds almost impossible doesn’t it. I can barely reconcile the fact that whales even exist today never mind think about seeing
Two short stories
The following appear in my forthcoming book A Creature Wanting Form available now for pre-order here. An international incident There was a shooting yesterday that was one of the ones that was big enough that we all had to know it had happened so they sent me out to lower

I had been sick for a couple of days last week feverish and chilled and incapable of experiencing joy although that third comedic effect item on the list wasn’t exactly novel so I took a Covid test or two that came up negative and not long after was like oh right. I experienced the very dumb epiphany that a person can just at any time for no reason become ill in the very standard manner that had fallen out of fashion there for a few years.

On the morning of Thanksgiving I woke up feeling like a bowl of dog piss and it was negotiated that I would stay home instead of heading down to dine and commune with my beloved in-laws and I felt something like loss mingled with excitement at least in part on account of the potential Kevin McCallister scenarios.

More than any of that though I felt relieved of a burden considering how eating-based holidays like this are a driver of exceptional dread for people with my whole deal.

Every holiday is eating-based I suppose but this is the big one. The Super Bowl of binging.

The normal Super Bowl is also the Super Bowl of binging but you know what I mean.