I pushed by them and opened the door and he was curled up in a ball blue dead

They are a disgrace that’s a human life on the floor

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Perhaps rightly ascertaining the unfavorable optics of red-faced boiled hams yelling at a child that she is fucking stupid to be worried about the climate her generation is going to inherit the geniuses of the fossil fuel lobby have decided not to stop destroying the world but instead that they simply need to acquire their own European teen.

“Naomi Seibt is a 19-year-old German who, like Greta, is blond, eloquent and European,” this overly credulous piece in the Washington Post explains. “But Naomi denounces ‘climate alarmism,’ calls climate consciousness ‘a despicably anti-human ideology,’ and has even deployed Greta’s now famous ‘How dare you?’ line to take on the mainstream German media.”

“‘She’s a fantastic voice for free markets and for climate realism,’ said James Taylor, director of the Arthur B. Robinson Center for Climate and Environmental Policy at the Heartland Institute, an influential libertarian think tank* in suburban Chicago that has the ear of the Trump administration.”

*Read more on how ridiculous it is to refer to them that way in this piece from Vice yesterday.

You may remember the Heartland Institute from their efforts in the 1990s on behalf of Phillip Morris to convince people that smoking isn’t all that bad for you and that smoking bans were evil or whatever. Since then they’ve become “the primary American organization pushing climate change skepticism,” according to the New York Times.

The group invited Naomi to headline their forum at the UN climate conference in Spain last year and have since brought her on as a spokesperson.

You may not be surprised to hear that her convictions about climate denialism which I am sure are honestly come by and not entirely paid for are rooted in eco-fascism.

“Naomi said her political activism was sparked a few years ago when she began asking questions in school about Germany’s liberal immigration policies,” the Post explains.

“In addition to climate change, Naomi echoes far-right skepticism about feminism and immigration,” pointing out that she has spoken at a recent anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany event a group who are concerned about “an invasion of foreigners.”

Heartland’s Taylor said the association between the two young women is natural and part of the idea.

“To the extent that Naomi is pretty much the same, just with a different perspective, yeah, I think that it’s good that people will look at the two as similar in many ways,” he said.

Then there’s this also from the Post:

So as you can see being for saving the world and being against it are basically the same thing whether it’s two young women or two old men on either side of the debate.

A man named Jimmy Kane who runs a rehab facility in Florida travelled up to Massachusetts this month to help a patient get his things together and come back with him for help. Along the way they stopped at a Walgreens so the man could grab a few things for the trip. After about fifteen minutes Kane thought things were taking too long so he went inside and found four employees standing over the man’s body in the bathroom.

“I pushed by them and opened the door and he was curled up in a ball, blue, dead,”  Kane told Boston 25 News. “I rolled him on his back, and started CPR.”

Kane asked one of the employees to retrieve some Narcan from the shelves but he said no. It costs too much money the employee said. Kane said fuck it go get it and I’ll pay for it but they didn’t do it so once he finally revived the overdosing man on the bathroom floor he ran out to his car and grabbed his own.

“No matter what the cost of the Narcan is, I asked for it, they saw that kid on the floor, [looking] blue. They are a disgrace. That’s a human life on the floor.”

A generic dose of naloxone costs about $30 bucks give or take. Narcan costs around $120 bucks give or take. Another brand called Evzio was first introduced in 2014 for $690 and was quickly raised to $4,500 in part so they could bilk Medicare.

From Vox:

In 1971, the Food and Drug Administration approved the first drug that could reverse a heroin or opioid overdose. More than 40 years later, makers of this drug, called naloxone, are cashing in on the nation’s opioid painkiller and heroin epidemic and price-gouging consumers.

According to a group of researchers, the cost of one package of Evzio — a branded version of the lifesaving injection — has quickly risen from $690, when it hit the market in 2014, to $4,500. Evzio is the first auto-injector formulation, which means anybody, not just first responders or doctors, can easily use it to save their own lives or the lives of others.

That’s not all. The researchers, who studied the rising price of naloxone for a paper in the New England Journal of Medicine, found price hikes in other formulations of the drug: An injectable by Hospira has increased in price from $62.29 in 2012 to $142.49 today, while a nasal spray version of naloxone by Amphastar now costs $39.60 — a 95 percent surge since 2014.

Drug overdoses kill more people than car crashes and gun violence in America, and these overdose antidotes have never been more important. But they’re also quickly becoming more unreachable for the people whose deaths they could avert.

In April 11 of 2017 I introduced the concept of The Ratio to the world. I did not invent it to be clear but this piece I wrote for Esquire synthesized what it is and made people start talking about it all the time whenever someone fucked up on Twitter. On February 22 of 2020 I was personally ratioed for the first time for telling a rich news man to go fuck his mother.

A couple things about that: Did I learn a lesson? No. Will I continue to be a dickhead to powerful media figures conspiring to forestall progress? Yes. Is it perhaps a bad idea? I don’t care.

On Saturday night as Bernie was steamrolling in Nevada a team of lib millionaires cried and gasped on TV all night — including Chris Matthews comparing the guy who wants to improve society somewhat to the fall of France at the hands of the Nazis — to their supposedly progressive audience. If me being rude to one of them in a post is worse to you than that then you have a tiny little baby bird brain and you need to go to the brain hospital (sorry the brain hospital is not in network).

Watch this:

Millionaire Democrats telling their huge audiences that better things aren’t possible and we shouldn’t even try are a lot more disgusting and vile to me than saying bad words sorry. If someone saying pig balls to you on Twitter is in the top thirty problems in your life you are mother’s fancy little boy whom loves to steal Turkish delights from the pantry when the house maid is doing the washing.

Here’s just the latest news from the nightmare zone a reader sent me the other day.

$1,700 for eye drops.

As you know I talk to people in here a lot whose lives are being destroyed in this country particularly by the predatory for-profit health care system. I am indeed fucking angry and I'm not going to be polite about it to people who are standing in the way so I would kindly invite all of the aghast civility libs in my mentions to go tone police someone else.

Read this thread:

In it the woman explains what happened after the death of her one year old son in 2010. She was covered with good union insurance but even so while they were sitting with their tiny little son in the hospital before he died she was already worrying about getting fucked by her good insurance. And then she did.

“Within a week of his death, before we had even received a bill, the hospital put a lien on our house to make sure we wouldn't skip out on the PICU bill… My husband who was also injured in the crash, was refused treatment by his primary care doc b/c she didn't accept payment from auto insurance and his health insurer wouldn't pay til we exhausted our auto insurance.”

Eventually they were awarded a settlement from the driver who killed their son.

“Then our health ins. co. came after our pain and suffering settlement. They demanded reimbursement for the $175K they were out. Turns out they were legally entitled to do that. In an instant, our modest settlement - meant to compensate for the loss of our son - was reduced to $0.”

Despite personally living a life that could be destroyed instantly with a bad healthcare break like most of you I also live the relative life of a king compared to millions in this country. It’s simply unjust and it disgusts me that people doing ok like me seem to care more about the millions being crushed today as we speak than the people who are doing very well like all of the rich cable news personalities who think better healthcare is akin to installing a Communist Dictatorship.

Check this shit out. The rising cost of healthcare in particular.

Dealing with the right is one thing but it's real fucking grim and demoralizing having to contend with so many “on the left” who don't think better things are possible and don't seem to even want to try. I get that coming from the rich TV people they have their own class interests to protect but I don’t understand the average person who goes to bat for the status quo.

The thing that bothers me the most about that is this: You can literally just say you want the best and most just outcome for whatever issue at any time. A lot of people don’t seem to understand that. It’s free! You do not as an individual have a limited reserve of justice aspiration coupons to redeem. You’re not managing a fantasy football team or whatever where you can only draft one tight end. You can ask for the fucking moon or you can simply ask that our country accept a little bit more social democracy. You don’t have to think well how will we pay for it you don’t have to think hmm will the other side be mad at me for wanting this you don’t have to think about what the voters of a lawmaker in a purple state might want you can just say THIS IS FUCKING CRAZY AND WE NEED TO MAKE THINGS BETTER. You can say it ten thousand times in a row. And then when enough of us are saying it the politicians will have to listen or it’s their ass.

Countless hours of watching cable news pundits has convinced the average person they have to think like a savvy politics insider who knows how the game is played and that always means hamstringing our aspirations for progress before we even get to the bargaining table. You don’t have to do that shit man. It’s not your job to worry about that shit.

The only conclusion I can draw from people who aren’t demanding that things can and should be better is that they don’t particularly care if things get better or not because things are already fine enough for them.

But maybe there are other ways to improve healthcare (or whatever) people will say maybe we just need to go a little slower and not make such radical leaps all at once they say and to them I say “more likely to work” and reasonable process arguments are always always always a way of forestalling progress. It’s a condescending appeal to fake reasonability and a lie that says we’ll get to your shit eventually just hold on and to that I say no go fuck your mother.

I’ve said this before but as I reminder all of you fucking worms who aren't all in on eliminating the predatory health insurance industry today are going to lie and pretend you were all along at some point when retrospect makes it seem insane. Better clean up your shit now.

Whether it’s climate change or healthcare or any of the other dozens of crises we’re facing there are always going to be people who are paid very well to tell you that better things aren’t possible and that we just have to chill out and let progress wind its slow meandering course. They’ll say it’s too expensive or that the rules must be followed and the choice we have is whether to stand there over a dying man’s body afraid to do anything to help because it might cost too much of a rich person’s money to do so or to fucking take what we want because it’s already ours.

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