For us it felt like a year

And now we are all safer

For us it felt like a year
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A pilot flying an F-35 fighter jet near Joint Base Charleston in South Carolina experienced a "mishap" on Sunday and had to eject from the plane. The pilot survived but it is still unclear what happened to the roughly $80 million jet. In posts on Facebook and Twitter the base has asked the public for help finding it including a phone number to call with tips. It is unclear if the jet crashed or is still flying on auto-pilot.

The Lockheed Martin F-35 jet program has been described as a boondoggle and a rathole and all manner of other things as the price tag for the whole ordeal is expected to cost $1 trillion over the years.

The jet in question here is noted for its stealth capabilities so on the plus side at least we know that all works really well.

The number of dead and missing in Libya after devastating rain and floods led to the collapse of two dams last week remains unclear. The UN reported over 11,000 dead and another 10,000 missing while local official say the number of dead is closer to "only" 4,000 thus far.

“Within seconds the water level suddenly rose,” recounted one injured survivor who said he was swept away with his mother in the late-night ordeal before they both managed to scramble into an empty building downstream.
“The water was rising with us until we got to the fourth floor,” the unidentified man said from his hospital bed, in testimony published by the Benghazi Medical Center.
“We could hear screams. From the window, I saw cars and bodies being carried away by the water. It lasted an hour or an hour and a half – but for us, it felt like a year.”

Do you ever think about what the last generation born will be that will be able to enjoy the presumption of dying of old age or natural causes?

Maybe that already happened actually. Maybe we weren't paying attention and it happened.

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